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  • I know that PHPExcel does not support XLSM files.
  • I have tried Iliaal's wrapper around Libxl, can be found here

However both of them do not support XLSM, they do cool with XLS though. I have searched all over the internet and didn't find a library, or a method with PHP to do so.

By the way, my environment is *NIX.

EDIT I do not need to edit macros itself. I don't want to touch them, but I want a library/wrapper/command line executable(as last resort) to work with XLSM files(XML Sheets with Macros).


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We've faced the exact same problem as you mentioned where we need to modify Excel workbooks but to do not want to impact the existing macros.

To do so, we've used the LibXL library and as of version 3.3.1 it supports the preservation of macros for .xls files. It is not written in PHP, therefore we wrote a small C++ program and then we call this program from php via the exec() PHP method. It works very well.

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I have used not the latest version and I believe what I needed to do was to use 3.3.1 . Nice to know though :) – lukas.pukenis Oct 26 '12 at 6:54

This is completely out of my knowledge as I'm only familiar with PHPExcel... However there might be something for you in this discussion about Read/Write macro in .xlsm? There seems to be no library but this sure looks promising.

Read/Write macro in .xlsm

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Sadly I don't believe anybody has ever had any response from wuyuqun when they've asked for his macro extension for PHPExcel, he added that message to the discussion, then vanished from codeplex and has never returned. – Mark Baker Oct 14 '12 at 10:28
chads2000's solution seems to offer the best option for maintaining macros in OfficeOpenXML files when reading and rewriting; and if anybody wanted to try and integrate this into PHPExcel (or even just create a wrapper class to support it) then it would be a welcome addition to the library - but parsing/editing the macros is a major piece of work – Mark Baker Oct 14 '12 at 10:31
Thank you, Mark for your answers a lot! I just need to edit document which contains macros, no need to edit them. If you could point out something I would be very happy! :) – lukas.pukenis Oct 14 '12 at 14:35

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