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I have some HTML code that looks like this:

<tr id="nbContent_GR1">...</tr>
<tr id="nbContent_GR2">...</tr>
<tr id="nbContent_GR3">...</tr>
<tr id="nbContent_GR4">...</tr>
<tr id="nbContent_GR5">...</tr>
<tr id="nbContent_GR6">...</tr>

Within one of the rows, I want to traverse up the DOM to find the closest element that has an ID attribute that starts with "nbContent_GR". So basically I want to be able to find the parent TR element without knowing its exact ID, just the first one that starts with "nbContent_GR". Is this possible? If so, how would I go about it?

BTW, I'm aware of the closest() and "contains" selectors, just not sure if contains can be used on attribute values or not.

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Sorry, didn't understand what you asked. –  The Alpha Oct 13 '12 at 23:32

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Just do:

tr = $(this).closest("[id^='nbContent_GR']");

that will traverse the DOM up until it finds a parent with ID starting with 'nbContent_GR'

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Perfect, I knew there was a simple solution I was missing. :) I wasn't aware of the purpose of the "^". Gotta love learning something new. –  Scott Oct 13 '12 at 23:35
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Two useful pages to look at:



I think you can combine these for a solution.

From within the TR, find the closest TR. Then use the 'starts with' selector to find an ID which starts with your required value.


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