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With so many 'Windows Event Viewer' scams going on in the world today, I was wondering, what if you allow a scammer remote access into a virtual machine (a guest OS) running on your computer instead of directly giving him access to your host operating system? Will he/she still be able to access your personal files on the host OS? Will he/she be able to detect the virtual machine, or is there a way to fool him/her and watch the puzzled look on his/her virtual scammer face?

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Officially no. If the virtual OS is capable of doing anything that compromises the host OS, that would be considered a security flaw. Those, of course, exist. The likelihood that a scammer would have an exploit ready for this eventuality (presuming he figures out that he's in a virtualized environment) is pretty low. So have fun!

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There are ways to access local hard-drive like this link shows Desktop virtualization- Access Physical hard disk in VMware Virtual Machine

So I see no reason why a hacker will have trouble doing this.

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