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Generally, MongoDB doesn't let one have dots in property names. For example:

db.books.insert({"": "Guy Montog"});

fails with the error:

uncaught exception: can't have . in field names []

However, I ran across a situation in which property names do have dots. This can occur in the system.profile collection. Here's an example:

db.books.insert({protagonist: "Guy Montog", antecedents: 
  [{title: "The Fireman"}, {title: "Bright Phoenix"}]});
db.books.find({"antecedents.title": "The Fireman"})

Now If I look at the system.profile collection, I see the following record:

> db.system.profile.findOne({op: "query"})
    "ts" : ISODate("2012-10-14T00:05:49.896Z"),
    "op" : "query",
    "ns" : "wordswing.books",
    "query" : {
        "antecedents.title" : "The Fireman"
    "nscanned" : 1,
    "nreturned" : 1,
    "responseLength" : 153,
    "millis" : 0,
    "client" : "",
    "user" : ""

Suppose I wanted to query the for system.profile documents that queried "antecedents.title"? This seems to be a problem because there is a dot in the property name.

I tried all of the following:

db.system.profile.find({'query.antecedents.title': 'The Fireman'})
db.system.profile.find({'query.antecedents\.title': 'The Fireman'})
db.system.profile.find({"query.antecedents\.title": 'The Fireman'})

None of which worked.


This is really interfering with my ability to poke around a rather large system.profile collection.

Thanks in advance.


In response to a comment, the version I'm using is:

$ mongod --version
db version v2.0.6, pdfile version 4.5
Sun Oct 14 18:43:29 git version: e1c0cbc25863f6356aa4e31375add7bb49fb05bc


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What version of MongoDB are you using? – Stennie Oct 14 '12 at 1:29
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The profile entry for the dotted query does appear to be a bug .. key names in MongoDB are not meant to include . (or a leading $).

As you've noticed, this will cause you issues when trying to query because the dot notation is used to indicate embedded objects.

A limited workaround in MongoDB 2.2.0 appears to be using the Aggregation Framework to match the query object as an embedded document:

db.system.profile.aggregate({ $match: {'query': {"antecedents.title" : "The Fireman"}}})

I've reported this profiling bug in MongoDB's issue tracker as SERVER-7349.

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