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In my clojurescript code I have the following:

(defn onload [] (repl/connect "http://localhost:9000/repl"))

(set! (.-onload js/window) onload)

The Clojurescript repl is very useful in development, but I am hesitant to leave it in the code during production. What is the cleanest way to have the above code present during development (simple compilation), but absent during production (advanced compilation)?

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The modern-cljs tutorial actually describes exactly how to solve this here.

Hope that helps!

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Unfortunately there aren't currently any well defined ways to do conditional compilation in ClojureScript.

You could add configuration variables to control whether to start a REPL in a variety of ways, but one quick and easy way would be to get the hostname of the current page, and only invoke repl/connnect if it was "localhost" or whatever other domains you're using for development work.

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Thinking out loud, that would also mean that all the code for repl/connect would also end up being compiled into my production code. I honestly have no idea how large that compiled segment is, just making a point. –  Stephen Cagle Oct 17 '12 at 3:37
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I think a combination of lein2 profiles and cljsbuild src-paths munging can do the trick. eg, create a namespace that simply loads your repl, and exclude it with a profile run for the final compile (possibly might need to create a dummy namespace in another src-path directory).

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