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I can't seem to get out of the loop when I type nothing in the input or I press cancel. Is there a way out?

    While (last == '?'){
        input = (int)(Math.random()*2); 
        if (number == 1){
            answer = "Nice";
        if (number == 2){
            answer = "Okay";
        System.out.println("The answer: " + answer);
        input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Ask a question. (Remember the?)");
        if (input != null && input.length() > 0){
            last = input.charAt(input.length() - 1);
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last must be initialized outside your loop, but when you enter nothing or cancel the last if statement evaluates to false so last is not set to a new value so it will continue to use the previous value which continues to loop.

You should reset last to null or an empty string before evaluating that last if statement.

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The problem is that your 'break-the-loop' condition (if input != null && input.length() > 0) only assigns a new value to last when it's evaluated to true, -- but entering nothing causes it to evaluate to false, meaning the value of last is unchanged.

Adding the following to the last if block might fix it:

else {

Additionally, typing something that doesn't end with a question mark ought to break the loop.

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