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I have an small appliction window , pops up when a tray icon clicks. Inside that i have provided context menu (windows form context menu), the problem is, whenever i rightclicks on form, the context menu is appearing but on disappearing of context menu, border of context menu still exists. As i minimises/closes and reopen every thing works fine again.

Any one has any idea why it is behaving like so?

Ravi Naik.

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Set DoubleBuffering to true on the form. This should sort the problem out.

Unless you are drawing the stuff yourself using a Graphics object? Are you?

If you are then look up Double Buffering, you can find out about this at a few places, such as Bob Powell and Code Project.

If it doesn't and you want a quick hack to get around it, on the context menu collapse event you could call form.Refresh() but avoid this at all costs.

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Yup, i got to know about the problem. I was using onpaint() for to draw border to panel so i was facing this problem now i got the solution and instead of panel I am using rectangle now... :) Thanks for your reply brother... –  Ravi Naik Aug 17 '09 at 16:39

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