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I would like to ask whether I can put h5_job for css?

h5_job{font-size:18px;margin:18px 0;color:#f00a81;font-weight:normal}
<h5_job>Call Me :</h5_job>+62 8175 278 69
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Use h5 class="job" instead. –  Waleed Khan Oct 14 '12 at 3:18

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Yes, and no. <h5_job> is not valid HTML. You can however make a custom CSS class and apply it to an element:

    .h5_job { 
        margin:18px 0;

<h5 class="h5_job">Call Me :</h5>+62 8175 278 69

Additional Information

See Custom CSS Classes on MDN.

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Alternatively, make the class job and use h5.job. –  Waleed Khan Oct 14 '12 at 3:19

h5_job isn't valid html tag.

however for set margins you must put display:block;

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