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New to C, I have this function:

void getNum(int *n) {
  scanf("%d", &n);

And in main:

int main() {
  int someNum;
  return 0;

Where exactly does the 'int **' part of this error come from, and are there other issues with how I'm passing things around?

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You use an & in front of a plain int to convert it into an int *. Here, you already have an int * because it is an output argument to your function, so you don't need the & (any more than you put an & in front of an array). –  Jonathan Leffler Oct 14 '12 at 3:36

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The only problem is passing &n to scanf: n is already a pointer, and so your scanf call is passing a pointer to that pointer, hence the warning.

Use: scanf("%d", n);

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