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I have a table type declared and it is referenced in many stored procedures .

Now I want to add a column to that table type .

Since sql server wont allow altering a table type . I need to drop and recreate it . But while dropping it throws error saying that it is referenced in other stored procedures . hence cant drop .

How can I proceed without dropping stored procedures ?

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Script out all the SPs that are using the table type.

select o.name, o.type, m.definition
from sys.sql_modules m
join sys.objects o on o.object_id=m.object_id
where m.definition like '%tbl_type%'

You're better off not using the definition shown and using just the name and scripting it using SSMS from the object browser.

  • Drop them.
  • Drop the table type.
  • Create it including the new column.
  • Recreate the stored procedures.
  • Test.
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