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I am reading through, and I need some help in a definition in this segment:

The SIFT descriptor has also been extended from grey-level to colour images and from 2-D spatial images to 2+1-D spatio-temporal video.

What is a 2+1-D spatial-temporal video?

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It's a video. 2D pictures varying over 1 time dimension. – hobbs Oct 14 '12 at 6:49

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It is simply a video.

They mean that the original technique was applyed on grayscale images, which have 2 spatial dimension x and y.

It then was extended to be applied to colour images and then to temporal series of images, that is, videos. Videos have 3 dimensions 2 spatial (x,y) and 1 temporal (time). They use 2+1 rather than 3 because 3D image usually refers to x/y/z rather than x/y/t

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