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This code (at Go Playground at

package main

import "fmt"

type foodStruct struct {
    fruit map[int]string
    veggie map[int]string

func showFood(f map[int]map[int]string) {

func main() {
    f := map[int]foodStruct{
        1: {
            fruit: map[int]string{1: "pear"},
            veggie: map[int]string{1: "celery"},

    g := map[int]map[int]string{1: map[int]string{1: "orange"}}

    // showFood(f.fruit) // Compile error: "f.fruit undefined (type map[int]foodStruct has no field or method fruit)"



Is there any way I can pass a form of variable f to showFood(), so that it prints "pear"? Passing f.fruit raises the compile error shown in the commented-out line above. The error is confusing to me, since foodStruct does have field fruit.

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Well, f is not a foodStruct, it is a map[int]foodStruct. So of course it doesn't have a fruit field. – nneonneo Oct 14 '12 at 6:55
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There are a couple problems.

First, foodStruct does have a field fruit, but f is not a foodStruct. It's a map[int]foodStruct, which doesn't have any fields or methods at all.

Second, nowhere in f is there anything that has the type map[int]map[int]string. There's no way to pass any part of f into showFood without creating a new map of the correct type.

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OK, I understand. Thanks to you and nneonneo. – user1744397 Oct 14 '12 at 7:14

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