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I'm trying to create a bullet navigation bar, to navigate through a sequence of images.

I also want to display a thumbnail just below the highlighted bullet.

My approach was to create two lists dynamically - an unordered list of bullets, and an unordered list of thumbnails. I'm doing this by iterating through all the images that I have - and append()ing to both lists ( append() a bullet to one list, then append() a thumbnail to the other list )

And then I add a hover() function to each of the bullets, that will hide all the thumbnails but show the corresponding thumbnail.

It works - however the thumbnail always appears in the same fixed place. How can I display it below the highlighted bullet?

Please see my jsfiddle here:

NB. there's a bug - the last two thumbs never appear - no idea what's happening there, the images exist. Might be related?

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Here you go

The problem is that you use the index property and the first element will return 2.

So something is wrong in your DOM.

I modified the code to use a custom data-index attribute. Because of that there noway the DOM can be corrupt.

    var liMarkup = $('<li class="bulletButton" data-index="'+i+'"><a href="#">'+i+'</a></li>'); // New line with data-index attribute

And the other change, use the data-index attribute insteed

    .eq($(this).data("index"))//Get the li at same index which triggered hover
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That's great - thanks! And now I just have to display the thumbnail relative to the bullet . . . :| – BeeBand Oct 14 '12 at 10:28

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