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I have a regex that replaces the usual hyphen with the non-break hyphen, if it’s found inside of a word

preg_replace('@(?<= \w)-(?= \w)@xu','‑',$string);

But there are strings like "this is a link":http://example.com/funny-stuff-is-funny, which are get parsed too. The problem is further parsing such string breaks because of the non-break hyphen inside of the link. So I need or to modify the original regex to not match links, or to cover the whole function in another where I will fix that behavior. The first way I tried to go ended at this

'@((?<! http)[/\pL\pP]+\w)-(?= \w)@xu'

It matches link":http://example.com/funny- and still replaces the hyphen. So I went the second way and get the following thing:

preg_replace( /* Fixing broken links with NON-BREAKING HYPHEN */
             '$1===-===', /* This is to make a better view */
             preg_replace( /* NON-BREAKING HYPHEN inside of a word */
                          '@(?<= \w)-(?= \w)@xu',

And with this we can have replaced hyphen in links. A single one hyphen:

"this is a link":http://example.com/funny-things-are===-===funny 

I’ve tried to change ‘greediness’ of the covering expression with ‘U’ but it doesn’t seem to fix it, so I’m asking for help.


I accepted solution with preg_replace_callback() as a general idea, but I had to use preg_replace() inside of it because of multibyte encoding.

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what about bad urls that have unencoded spaces in them? –  Marc B Oct 14 '12 at 8:49
Cannot be there. –  tijagi Oct 14 '12 at 8:54

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A general approach is to use a custom callback. Try the following, if you want to take the fix-broken-links way:

    $string = '"a dumb-ass car":http://example.com/funny-stuff-is-funny - funny-enough?';

    echo preg_replace_callback( /* Fixing broken links with NON-BREAKING HYPHEN */
                 function ($matches) {
                         return str_replace('‑', '$1===-===', $matches[0]);
                         // or better, use strtr() for one-character replacement:
                         // return strtr($matches[0], '‑', '-');
                 preg_replace( /* NON-BREAKING HYPHEN inside of a word */
                              '@(?<= \w)-(?= \w)@xu',
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Aw, that’s what I need, thanks! –  tijagi Oct 14 '12 at 16:48

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