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Say I hava a LaTeX document open in Vim, and I want to highlight every occurence of

{\color{red} ... }

(where the dots are supposed to symbolize some contents), that is, I want to have {\color{red}, } and everything between these highlighted. This I have done with

:syn region WarningMsg start=+{\\color{red}+ end=+}+

but I have the problem that, if I write something like {\color{red} some{thing} important}, then it is only {\color{red} some{thing} which gets highlighted, because Vim of course mathces the first occurrence of }. How can I make this Highlighting rule so that it skips matching curly brackets? Even multiple levels of such.

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You want to get the largest possible match, instead of the smallest one (just throwing it out there). I have no idea how to achieve it. – keyser Oct 14 '12 at 9:19
@Keyser: Not necessarily the largest possible match. It is important that it only ignores matching parenthesis. I would not want it to highlight all between the first occurrence of {\color{red} in my document to the last occurrence of }. Since my document obviously ends with \end{document} this would just highlight the rest of the file from the first occurrence of {\color{red}. – Kristian Oct 14 '12 at 10:19
So to clarify: You want to allow one extra closing curly bracket when you stumble upon an opening curly bracket. I think that can be done. – keyser Oct 14 '12 at 10:28
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For clarity it is better to give each syntax region a bespoke name, and then link it to a standard colour group. I have renamed your original region redTeX.

You need to define a second region, innerBrace, defining the braces you want to ignore, and mark this region as transparent. Then redTeX should be marked to contain the transparent region, which it will then ignore.

syn region innerBrace start=+{+ end=+}+ transparent contains=redTeX
syn region redTeX start=+{\\color{red}+ end=+}+ contains=innerBrace
hi link redTeX WarningMsg

Note that in this case there is the added subtlety that redTeX itself matches as an innerBrace. I fixed this by marking innerBrace as containing redTeX.

Hope that makes sense!

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This works nicely, except that it does not allow you to have multiple levels of braces, e.g if you write {\color{red} some{thing {very}} impoartant} then it only highlights {\color{red} some{thing {very}}. I realized that this can be fixed by replacing contains=redTeX with contains=redTeX,innerBrace, in the definition of innerBrace, so that a set of braces can contain another set of braces. Should there be anything wrong with fixing it in this way? Thanks. – Kristian Oct 14 '12 at 11:40
Your fix should be okay. Does it break the original problem with a single level of braces? – Prince Goulash Oct 14 '12 at 16:43

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