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I have below two tables which i need to combine together into my daily reports.

Table 1: Resource_Created

FirstName LastName ObjDate Resource Login

TestDemo1        TestDemo1       5-Oct-12         AD         TESTDEMO1

Table 2: Resource_Deleted

FirstName LastName ObjDate Resource Login

TestDemo4        TestDemo4       5-Oct-12         AD         TESTDEMO4

TestDemo5        TestDemo5       5-Oct-12         AD         TESTDEMO5

TestDemo6        TestDemo6       5-Oct-12         AD         TESTDEMO6

TestDemo4        TestDemo4       5-Oct-12         Bio        TESTDEMO4

TestDemo4        TestDemo4       5-Oct-12         VPN        TESTDEMO4

TestDemo5        TestDemo5       5-Oct-12         VPN        TESTDEMO5

TestDemo6        TestDemo6       5-Oct-12         VPN          TESTDEMO6

I wrote two queries individually like

Query 1:

select distinct Resource as Resource, 
       count (distinct Login) as CountRes 
from Resource_Created 
where ObjDate between '4-Oct-12' and '6-Oct-12' 
group by Resource ;


Resource CountRes

 AD        1

Query 2:

select distinct Resource as Resource, 
       count (distinct Login) as CountRes 
from Resource_Deleted 
where ObjDate between '4-Oct-12' and '6-Oct-12' 
group by Resource ;


Resource CountRes

AD          3

VPN         3

Bio         1

I wish to combine these two queries, so that i can have one table display these values.

select COALESCE (Resource_Created.Resource, Resource_Deleted.Resource) as Resource , 
 count (distinct Resource_Created.usrlogin) as aobj, 
 count (distinct Resource_Deleted.usrlogin) as bobj
FROM target_failed  FULL OUTER JOIN target_resource  
 on Resource_Created.Resource = Resource_Deleted.Resource 
 Resource_Created.ObjDate between '04-OCT-2012' and '06-OCT-2012' and 
 Resource_Deleted.ObjDate between '04-OCT-2012' and '06-OCT-2012'
group by COALESCE(Resource_Created.Resource, Resource_Deleted.Resource);

My Result was

**Resource       aobj         bobj**

   AD         1                3

Expected Result

Resource aobj bobj

 AD             1          3

VPN           Null         3

Bio           Null         1

Please could anyone help me resolve the issue. I am just a OO developer who writes basic sql queries. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Simply use sub sql on from statement

  ResourceI as rs, sum (CreatedLogin) as CountCreated,
 sum (DeletedLogin) as CountDeleted
 Resource ,
 1 as DeletedLogin,
 0 as CreatedLogin 
 from  Resource_Deleted
 union all
 select ObjDate,
 Resource ,
 0 as DeletedLogin,
 1 as CreatedLogin  
 from  Resource_Created
where ObjDate between TO_DATE('4-Oct-12') and TO_DATE('6-Oct-12')
group by Resource
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FROM keyword not found where expected. Also I wish the result to look like what i have displayed in my expected result. –  navman Oct 14 '12 at 10:20
Edited..see the working sample in sqlfiddle.com/#!4/f6871/4 –  hkutluay Oct 14 '12 at 10:57
Thank you so much hkutluay. Please could you explain me sum (CreatedLogin) as CountCreated, sum (DeletedLogin) as CountDeleted when you have given the column name login. –  navman Oct 14 '12 at 12:15
@user1744539 i selected dummy columns DeletedLogin, CreatedLogin on from sub query. when records come from resource_deleted table, it returns 1 as deletedlogin and 0 as createdlogin. On resouce_created table vice versa. –  hkutluay Oct 15 '12 at 11:46

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