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I'm having troubles with cpusets it will be great if you could help me I've defined two cpuset groups: "cpuset_0" which has only one task, and "cpuset_1" which is for all the other tasks in my system. "cpuset_0" has cpus="0", cpu_exclusive="1" and only the one task assign to it. and "cpuset_1" has cpus="1-3", cpu_exclusive="0" and all the tasks I could move as root from the root cpuset. Both cpusets has mems="0". The problem is that for some reason I see tasks which assigned to "cpuset_1" which are running on the exclusive cpu "cpuset_0"

For example running ps H -eo tid,psr,cgroup,cmd gives me:

2199 0 6:cpuset:/cpuset_1?5:freeze /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser

among other processes which shouldn't be running on cpu 0.

BTW: I'm running kernel version 3.2.0

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Were you able to actually make it work without using cpuset.mems ?. It is mandatory. What does your config looks like. or you have used the mount command.


try to follow the below


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Sorry, forgot to mention, both has mems="0". Thanks for the comment –  user1011071 Oct 14 '12 at 10:49

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