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I wonder how to identify in my win32 application, in which control the copying occurs. For example in EditBox, in RichEdit and etc.

In order to figure out whether the copying took place in my app or outside it, I used the following method:

//global variables

HWND hWnd; 
DWORD ProcId; 
HWND nextHandle; 
DWORD currentID;

//then I call two functions on form create

nextHandle = SetClipboardViewer(Handle); 

//then on  WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD message I call 

hWnd = GetClipboardOwner();

// functions and checking by IDs whether
// the copying took place in or outside my application 

if(lpdwProcessId==currentID) {...}

It works fine, but this is not a solution how to detect in whitch control (in my app) the copying occurs.

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You asked the question, but have been quiet since. Do you still need help? – David Heffernan Oct 14 '12 at 18:02
On WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD, call GetFocus to find out which control has input focus. – Jonathan Potter Oct 14 '12 at 19:57
Thank you Jonathan, I'll try it. – Paramore Oct 14 '12 at 20:06
When I press CTRL+C in the RichEdit control, GetFocus() function shows me that it has the focus, but unfortunately GetClipboardOwner() function does not work for it, unlike the Edit control. – Paramore Oct 14 '12 at 20:26

Well, I think that you could use GetClipboardOwner. This is not 100% reliable. It's possible for the clipboard to contain data, and for this function to return NULL. For a start, the clipboard could have been filled by something other than a control, but I expect there are plenty of ways for the clipboard to be full of data, and have no owner window. But so long as your app doesn't do anything too non-standard with the clipboard, I think it would do the job for you.

If you want to be 100% sure of which control in your app filled the clipboard with data, keep track yourself of the last control to fill the clipboard.

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David, thanks for your comment. After playing around the function GetClipboardOwner() I noticed that while filling clipboard from RichEdit control it returns always zero (NULL), unlike from Edit control. – Paramore Oct 14 '12 at 19:04
In which case you'll just have to keep track of which window filled the clipboard last. – David Heffernan Oct 14 '12 at 19:04
I can replicate what you describe with rich edit controls. I think you are out of luck. You'll have to keep track. – David Heffernan Oct 14 '12 at 19:11
Unfortunately it's not easy to get notified that a rich edit control is being asked to copy to the clipboard. No WM_COPY message is sent if you press CTRL+C. – David Heffernan Oct 14 '12 at 19:17
Thank you David. I have no idea how to solve this problem yet. I have to think about it. – Paramore Oct 14 '12 at 19:31

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