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I have a simple GAE application using JPA and eclipse plugin for GAE (sdk version 1.7.2).

I only have one simple entity mapped wit 2 properties : 1 Key key ; and one String name. I have created only one class (taken from the "Datastore Callbacks" documentation of gae)

public class PostPutCallbacks {
static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(PostPutCallbacks.class.getName());

 public void collectSample(PutContext context) {

     logger.fine("Finished putting " + context.getCurrentElement().getKey());

The database callback is not called. I tried with several other annotations (@PrePut @PreGet) but they still didn't work . I've also tried with the Datastore low leve API and the callback is still not called.

I searched the web to see if there is a configuration besides the annotation processing jar manualy added for eclipse but I didn't find anything.. Can anyone give me a hint?

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I want to provide more information in this thread. If you are unable to see the datastore callbacks being triggered. Try this procedure as documented. You need to do some simple project set up at Eclipse in order to make it work. Hope this helps.

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I jumped a little fast to stackoverflow..I had to restart eclipse and it worked

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