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I am developping a web site using MVC 3 razor. in wich I have the folowing situation:

  1. A controller method:

    public ActionResult MyControllerMethod(int parameter){

        ''go to bd a do some staff
        IList<My_Custom> datafromDB = MyService.GetData(parameter);           
        'returns to my string tuped view
        return View(datafromDB );


  2. A strong typed view in wich i use javascript:

    @model IList

    <script type="text/javascript">
     function getData()
       var parameter = document.getElementById('myParamater').value;  
       $.get('/MyController/MyControllerMethod/' + parameter, function (data) {


    function loadData() 
      datos = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model));  
      //do some stuff with datos

    The javascript call to the controller works fine but my problem is that the string typed view seens like is not taking the new value for the @model, so keeps loading the same information.

Althought i have debugged the accion controller and it returns diferent data every time. So is there any way to refresh the Model value of a string typed view???.

I also tried to proccess the data value of that line

$.get('/MyController/MyControllerMethod/' + parameter, function (data) {

but i wasn´t succesfull doing that.

I would appreciate any help or cllue.

Thanks for reading my post

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Your action return view, that's why nothing works. How your code works:

  • Load data in action, then generate view with json on the page
  • Send requst to the server and receive html with json (all this data are in memory), then you access json from first step

How it must work:

  • Create view
  • Send request to the server (another method, that returning Json)
  • Access data
    public ActionResult YourJsonAction(int parameter)
        IList datafromDB = MyService.GetData(parameter);
        return Json(datafromDB, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

    function getData() 
       var parameter = $('#myParamater').val();   
       $.get('/MyController/YourJsonAction/' + parameter, function (data) { 
          //data from YourJsonAction

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thank´s you very much just reight on the point. – Juan Oct 14 '12 at 16:23

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