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I'm wondering if drag n drop short list like the functionality of iPhone bookmark possible in Sencha touch 2.

I've searched through many sencha touch Q&A but didn't find any suitable answer.

This code makes list draggable but only works for top to bottom. Can't drag any item from bottom of the list to up.

var selEl = dataview.element.down("." + dataview.getSelectedCls());
var d = new Ext.util.Draggable({
    element: selEl,
    listeners: {
        dragstart: function(self, e, startX, startY) {
            console.log("test dragStart[" + startX + ":" + startY + "]");
        drag: function(self, e, newX, newY) {
            console.log("test drag[" + newX + ":" + newY + "]");
        dragend: function(self, e, endX, endY) {
            console.log("test dragend[" + endX + ":" + endY + "]");

is it possible to have shortable list in sencha touch 2?

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I've been able to do this using the code from this example:

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I've seen that codes and that is not what i want. Please read the question carefully before answering. I want drag and short list like in iPhone bookmark. If you have iPhone then check the safari bookmark and you'll understand. – moin uddin Oct 21 '12 at 8:37

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