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I Have a Database in this form

  IDNo             Column1           Column2         .............    

I am Providing a form to user n telling user to enter IDNO in form so that the user can retrieve the respective idno info

If user enters 12341 in form and submit then the output will be the info of 12341 i.e IDNO COUMN1 COLUMN2 ......... 12341 213 1231 .....

this will be the output and for that i am using the below code

<form id="form" action="" method="post">
<td><p align="center"> Hallticket Number : <input type="text" name="id" id="id" maxlength="10"></p></td>
<input type="submit" id="submit" class='btnExample' value="Click here to get your Result">

$user_name = "admin";
$password = "123456";
$database = "exam";
$server = "localhost";
$db_handle = mysql_connect($server, $user_name, $password);
$db_found = mysql_select_db($database, $db_handle);

if ($db_found) {
$id = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['id']);
$SQL = "SELECT * FROM jbit WHERE htno='$id'";
$result = mysql_query($SQL);
echo "
<center><table id='mytable' cellspacing='0'  border=3 align=center>
<TH scope='col'>SUBJECT CODE</TH>
<TH scope='col'>SUBJECT</TH>
<TH scope='col'>INTERNAL MARKS</TH>
<TH scope='col'>EXTERNAL MARKS</TH>
<TH scope='col'>TOTAL MARKS</TH>
<TH scope='col'>CREDITS</TH>
<TH scope='col'>RESULT</TH>

while ($db_field = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {

echo "<tr>";
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['subjectcode'] . "</td>";
if ($db_field['credits']=="0")
echo "<td align=center><font color='red'>" . $db_field['subject'] . "</font></td>";
} else {
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['subject'] . "</td>";
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['im'] . "</td>";
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['em'] . "</td>";
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['tm'] . "</td>";
echo "<td align=center>" . $db_field['credits'] . "</td>";
if ($db_field['credits']>"0")
echo "<td align=center> <font color='green'><b> PASS </b></font></td>";
} else {
echo "<td align=center> <font color='red'><b> FAIL </b></font> </td>";
echo "</tr>";


Now What i want is , If my user enter 1234 instead of 12341 or 12342 in form and submit

then the above code doesnt execute the output or shows invalid idno

but i want is if user enters 1234 instead of 12341 or 12342 vice versa or 123 instead of 12341 or 12342 viceversa then output should be all the info of all IDNO starts with 1234 or 123 i.e

If user enter only 12 or 1 or 123 or 1234 in form and submits then the output should not be a invalid idno or empty , it should show all the columns idno ehich starts with the user submited value

first the output should be

  12343 with links 

If user clicks on 12341 then the output should be

 IDNO          COLUMN1            Column2            ...
12341            321                323             ....

What should be done??

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Your sql should use LIKE operator: LIKE operator

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM jbit WHERE htno LIKE '$id%'";

That should give you

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM jbit WHERE htno LIKE '1234%'";
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it worked frnd but i want only idno's with links to be display and when user clicks on particular number then the respective info should be display, but here direct info of all idno's is displayed , could u please help me @codingbiz –  Nisha Reddy Oct 14 '12 at 13:16
Sorry, am low on battery :( –  codingbiz Oct 14 '12 at 13:19
k frnd could u please he me out later, thankyou @codingbiz –  Nisha Reddy Oct 14 '12 at 13:20
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