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I am using an iframe in my page to display content from an external website, but sometimes the iframe redirects a whole page to a new location, and this causes unwanted things on my website.

Is it possible to find the page where the iframe is going to redirect my website? if so, give me a basic example on how to find this redirection address. I would like to open this address in a new tab, because information from this address may be useful for my users. [ abstract code ] :

if(somethingHappens) = ""; [ abstract code ]:

<!-- code -->
  <iframe src=""></iframe>
<!-- code -->

Expected Result [ abstract code ]:

if(pageIsBeingRedirected) {
  var url = findRedirectAddres(); // expected :, "_blank");
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please provide some HTML on this matter – user1386320 Oct 14 '12 at 13:28
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If you are redirecting to external sites then you can't track the iframe URL but you can get only what's in the iframe src value.


What you are looking will work only if parent and iframe shares same domain. It won't work if different domains.

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