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I'm PHP Beginner and trying now to create a Template with Smarty. Till now is all ok but somehow I can't get a Navigation Menu working. I got a Tutorial from the Forum of Smarty and can't see where the Problem is..



//Include and instantiate Smarty 
$smarty = new Smarty(); 

//Setup the url var we are looking for to control page display 
$page_var = 'page'; 

//Using the $_REQUEST scope so that the page can be passed in via $_POST or $_GET 
$page_request = $_REQUEST[$page_var]; 

//This array holds the relationship between the page variable and the template to load.. This info could also be retrieved from a db 
$menu = array ( 
            'home' => 'veneers.tpl', 
            'about us' => 'aboutus.tpl', 
            'our system' => 'system.tpl', 
            'products' => 'products.tpl' 

//Check if the requested page was found in the menu 
if ( array_key_exists ( $page_request, $menu ) ) 
   $template = $menu[$page_request]; 
//If not set the default page 
   $template = 'veneers.tpl'; 

//Assign info to Smarty and display 
$smarty->compile_id = $template; 
$smarty->caching = 0; 
$smarty->assign('menu', $menu); 
$smarty->assign('template', $template); 
$smarty->assign('page_var', $page_var); 


{include file="menu.tpl"} 
{include file=$template} 


{* We generate the menu list from the available pages in the menu *} 
<ul id="navigation"> 
{foreach key=url_val item=template_name from=$menu} 
      <a href="{$SCRIPT_NAME}?{$page_var}={$url_val}"> 
         {$url_val}<br /> 

Thanks for any help.

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Wich smarty version do you use? – sofl Oct 14 '12 at 20:22
It's Smarty 3.1.12 – karabey Oct 14 '12 at 21:59
I've left out line {include file="menu.tpl"} in index.tpl for debugging purposes and adjusted the include for my test enviroment. Works like a charm. What happens when you run the code? – Bjoern Oct 15 '12 at 4:18

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