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Does anyone know how to use a custom $config file? I know ZF and other frameworks such as CakePHP use a custom application.ini file to define application constant variables, environments etc. but how to add a such file and access it's values inside an application built with pure PHP no frameworks.

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You can access the contents of custom ini files with the parse_ini_file() function. It will return an associative array representing the settings specified in the file.

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Like for almost anything, there already is a function in PHP to do that: parse_ini_file()

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Thank you for you answer, it helped me to solve my problem, but what I would also like to do is to use a custom php.ini file or create a custom one in order to override some values from php.ini. I know I could use ini_set(), but I want to change the PHP session name so I will not have to set ini_set(session.name) on each page where I use session_start(). –  Andrei Stalbe Oct 14 '12 at 17:23

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