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i'm using jplayer 2.1.0. i have 4 browsers chrome 22, opera 12, IE9 and mozilla firefox 15 all of which are latest browsers as of oct 2012. my player works in chrome but fails in all other browsers. i'm not using flash for now so just relying on HTML5. here's the code.

                ready: function () {
                    var url;
                        var x =;
                        url = "http://localhost:8080/WebApplication1/songs/"+x.innerHTML;
                            mp3: url
                swfPath: "/js",
                supplied: "mp3, oga"

i'm directly using the file path in the this bad practice?
Should i send the mp3 file through the server? like setting the content type and everything?..sorry if being silly as i feel stupid about this myself

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What is the url you are entering ? – Shubhanshu Mishra Oct 14 '12 at 15:41
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Refer the Following URL and download the Source then modify it according to your needs

Since firefox and opera does not play mp3 files so modify the jquery call as follows

    ready: function () {
        $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
            mp3: "media/track.mp3",
            oga: "media/track.ogg"
    ended: function (event) {
    supplied: "mp3,oga",

then add a ogg file of the same mp3 track inside the media folder.Use any convertors to convert mp3 file to ogg format.

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