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I have a problem with my flash project, I'm using Flash Professional CS6 (Destiny: Flash 8, Script: ActionScript 2.0), the problem comes when I try to read a XML file, I've tried a lot of codes from internet, and no none works (actually I'm using Flashvars, but I prefer XML), this is my code:

if(_root.FlashVariable1) FlashVariable1_internal = _root.FlashVariable1;

With that code I'm checking if FlashVariable1 exists, if so, set this to FlashVariable1_internal, if not, do nothing (previolusy I have an default value, if not exist, no changes made), I need to do the same but reading a XML file, the total parameters (with different names) are around 70, can you help me?


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You need to have a look at the XML objection in actionscript 2 or try the XPath API. Once you're comfortable parsing xml, it's up to you how you set the path to the xml document (hardcoding it or passing it through a FlashVar) –  George Profenza Oct 14 '12 at 16:26
Thanks, solved :) –  Minion Oct 15 '12 at 15:41

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