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I'm developping a SmartDevice Win32 DLL for my device with Windows Mobile 6.1 using Visual Studio 2008. I have to use DirectShow and I started reproducing the basic example.

The .h:

#pragma once

// Additional Include Directories:
// "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Mobile 6 SDK\Smartphone\Include\Armv4i"
#include <dshow.h>

// Included strmiids.lib for CLSID_FilterGraph and IID_IGraphBuilder (.cpp)
#pragma comment(lib, "strmiids.lib")

extern "C" {

    __declspec(dllexport) bool InitCOM();


And the .cpp:

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "DLLDevice.h"

                       DWORD  ul_reason_for_call, 
                       LPVOID lpReserved
    return TRUE;

__declspec(dllexport) bool InitCOM()
        return false;

    IGraphBuilder* pGraphBuilder = NULL;
    HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FilterGraph, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, 
        IID_IGraphBuilder, (void**) &pGraphBuilder);

        return false;

    IMediaControl *pMediaControl = NULL;
    hr = pGraphBuilder->QueryInterface(IID_MediaControl, (void**) &pMediaControl);


    return true;

Now I have a linker error:

error C2065: 'IID_MediaControl' : undeclared identifier

Why? How can I solve this problem?
Why is thus impossible to create a project with DirectShow?

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Because it is IID_IMediaControl, not IID_MediaControl.

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Thanks, I'm reading programming microsoft directShow for digital video and television and in COM Basic he wrote IID_MediaControl, I don't know why... –  Nick Oct 14 '12 at 16:56
The interface is IMediaControl, IID_ is typical prefix for associated IID. With most of the interfaces you can also use __uuidof(IMediaControl) instead. –  Roman R. Oct 14 '12 at 17:12

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