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I'm thinking, for a list like that:

  • OS iOS
  • Version 5.1
  • Size 12.5MB

(There shouldn't actually be a dot or any other list style in front of it, it just to make it more readable.)

Is it better to use a list (like this for example):


Or a table:


Or is even a definition list (dl) the most accurate?

Personally I would go with a list, but I'm not sure how to wrap the content semantically correct within the <li>-tags.

I've read an interesting article about it "DEFINITION LISTS VERSUS TABLES", but I'm still not sure.

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As of HTML5, a dl would definitely be the most semantically appropriate:

Unless you're planning on listing multiple instances of data/rows in a way that would be tabular, a table wouldn't make sense at all.

I generally prefer lists over tables for reasons like responsive design, but as a rule of thumb unless you're dealing with something that is conceptually a view of a matrix rather than a detail of a single record or otherwise a single set of key/value attributes it would be difficult to justify a table (and no matter what in this case the dl is an exact match for the use).

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+1 Thanks for clearing that up. I was already onto it, using a <dl>, hoping for an answer like that. :) –  insertusernamehere Oct 14 '12 at 16:32

I would use table. You are trying to organize key-value pairs, which I think are easier to convey in a tabular format than a list. I would use list if you did not include the key names, i.e. if you omitted OS, Version, and Size.

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