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I would like form validation in Play framework to produce a variable error message depending on collateral results of the validation. How can I do this cleanly?

Specific example -- Say I have a form defined thus:

  val f = Form(
    "xml" -> text
        "xml is incorrect",
        xml => validationError(xml) == None

  def validationError(xml: String): Option[String]

What can I do to show the string returned by validationError as the validation error message, instead of the fixed string "xml is incorrect"?

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You can create Constraint instance which will handle it. For example:

val xmlConstraint = Constraint[String](Some("xml.constraint"), Nil)( xml =>
  validationError(xml).map(msg => Invalid(ValidationError(msg))).getOrElse(Valid)

val f = Form("xml" -> text.verifying(xmlConstraint))

Also, there is another apply method on Constraint object without specifying the name of constraint.

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Works! Thanks!I got stuck at ValidationResult when researching it on my own (it's a marker trait, completely empty). –  jsalvata Oct 14 '12 at 19:08

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