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I have two tables Forum and ForumCateory. ForumCateoryId is the mapping field.

The Forum table contains the fields such as:

ForumId, Title,Description and ForumCategoryId

The ForumCategory table contains ForumCategoryId,ForumCategory

I need to display all records from ForumCategory and top 1 Title and Description From Forum.

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"Top 1 title and description from forum" will it have the same ForumCategoryId with ForumCategory? –  aliassce Oct 14 '12 at 17:30
Yes.There is a one to many relation between ForumCategory and Forum . –  Krishnan Oct 14 '12 at 17:33

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Try ti use top 1 in subquery

select  *
from ForumCategory FC
join (select top 1 ForumId, Title,Description, ForumCategoryId
      from Forum 
      where F.ForumCategoryId = FC.ForumCategoryId 
     ) F 

or try to use aggregate function (min for example) in subquery:

select  *
from ForumCategory FC
join Forum F on  F.ForumCategoryId = FC.ForumCategoryId
             and F.ForumId = ( select min(F2.ForumId)
                               from Forum F2
                               where F2.ForumCategoryId = F.ForumCategoryId        
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I'm assuming you need last Forum for each Forum Category, so i ordered forum by ForumId descending.

    F.Title as ForumTitle,
    F.Description as ForumDescription
from ForumCategory as FC
    outer apply
        select top 1 TT.*
        from Forum as TT
        where TT.ForumCategoryId = FC.ForumCategoryId
        order by TT.ForumId desc
    ) as F

you can also try something like this

select top 1 with ties
    F.Title as ForumTitle,
    F.Description as ForumDescription
from @ForumCategory as FC
    left outer join @Forum as F on F.ForumCategoryId = FC.ForumCategoryId
order by
    row_number() over (partition by FC.ForumCategoryId order by F.ForumId desc)
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