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I m newbie to android and i am working on an app in which i want to set the border of textview dynamically, i.e by code not by xml. i searched a lot on google but everywhere i find solution by xml. I tried a lot, but didn't find a correct way to implement this. Like using this url, but i cant get to the result How to draw borders for TextView created using Code not by XML in Android please suggest me ideas,how i can achieve this..

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Show us what you've tried. –  Andrei Oct 14 '12 at 17:59

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The reason why you wont find much documentation about non-XML layouts is because most problems can be solved with the layouts. I would suggest at least defining the textview in the XML, then setting the border later in code. For example:

In the layout.xml file:

<TextView android:id="@+id/text"
              android:text="Hello, I am a TextView" />

Then in your code:

TextView text = ((TextView)this.findViewById(; //use id to find view
ViewGroup.LayoutParams textLayout = text.getLayoutParams();
textLayout.topMargin = 10;
textLayout.bottomMargin = 10;

You can modify any attribute of the object this way. (use ViewGroup and View as a resource)

Note the above examples are just examples (I don't have a compiler in front of me to check syntax and effectiveness)

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