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My GUI's aim is to show images and to get a response from the user: either a key press (E or I) or no response. Between the images themselves there should be a 3 second pause showing some text (a7 UIcontrol in my code). The problem is that I need to do it for 30 times, so I use a loop with a timer inside it. But the GUI works badly..

It should do the following:

for 30 times do
    2 sec showing text (a7)
    then showing an image for 3 sec or until I\E are pressed

This is my code; I am adding two versions, because they differ mostly in the TIMER functions and properties..

more readable version: http://pastebin.com/vd3HNGv1

and the photos are here (although you can use any 2 photos): https://picasaweb.google.com/alex.goltser/ScrapbookPhotos

At first the problem was always an error:

you try to start the timer while it works

But now it is something else..

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Why run timer functions at all?

Here's an other way how you could run your loop:

for repeat = 1:30

    *show text*
    drawnow %# to make sure the graphics are updated
    pause(2) %# wait two seconds

    *show image*
    t = tic;
    done = false;
    while ~done && toc(t)<3 %# checks for keypress or until 3 secs
       *check for keypress*
       if E/I key has been pressed
          done = true;
end %# repeat 30x
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I tried using your idea- but it does'nt work, first of all - I have a KeyPressFcn in my figure properties, but what should I write instead of- " if keypress"? because I have no output in my keypress function, it just key_press(~,eventdata).. –  user1742463 Oct 15 '12 at 11:40
@user1742463: I apologize for the confusion. keypress doesn't refer to the Matlab function, but to whether a key has been pressed. You do this with the java.robot class, in your code, if I recall correctly. –  Jonas Oct 15 '12 at 11:45
@user1742463: actually, you could check whether get(figureHandle,'currentCharacter') is either E` or I in the check for keypress line. –  Jonas Oct 15 '12 at 11:48
I get this error while running- "Undefined function or variable 'figureHandle'." what could be the problem? I use mainly UIcontrols instead of handles. so you have any idea what to change ? –  user1742463 Oct 15 '12 at 12:18
@user1742463: figureHandle is the handle to the parent figure of all your uicontrols. It's fh in your code. –  Jonas Oct 15 '12 at 12:20

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