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I know how to get random numbers in rows inserted into a table with a single select. But how can I do that such that the result of each select in an iteration of a while loop is different from each other?

The code I'm using looks like this. The values I get in each row in a set are different, but the sets of values are the same for every iteration.

WHILE some condition is true
    DECLARE @GamesRandomlySorted TABLE
      RandomSortId INT,
      GameId INT

    INSERT INTO @GamesRandomlySorted (RandomSortId, GameId)
    SELECT Checksum(NewId()), GameId
    FROM Games

    SELECT * 
    FROM @GamesRandomlySorted
    ORDER BY RandomSortId
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Why don't you use Rand instead? According to Microsoft, if you don't specify seed as a parameter, you will get different values each time you run the script.

Also see this article - it shows how to combine NewId and Rand.

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