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I'm confused in some CSS trick. The scenario is painted below. In the 2nd container is a plugin like http://workshop.rs/projects/coin-slider/

I want to move that 2nd container up (the green one), to be connected with the menu bar. The purpose is, I want the Image Logo overlaping the 2nd container. How can I achieve that ? I tried simply set the negative value of the margin-top property of the 2nd container but it causes that the div's are moved.


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Position: relative; and a negative top value should do it. –  Bram Vanroy Oct 14 '12 at 19:10

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This should do it:

#container-2 {
  top:-0px /* <-- Put actual value here */
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It would be easier if you could post you css code.

Somes possibilites:
set "image logo" margin-bottom to a negative value and make sure container#1 height isn´t preventing the bottom container go up.

or set both containers position: absolute and then set property top to match the desired result.

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I would go for a position: absolute for the image logo.

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