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Is there any build in javascript function to expand/collapse any treeview particular node from client?

Actually I am using treeview with checkboxes enabled and I want to have a particular node collapsed and unchecked initially, and when checked should be expanded.

Any built in thing or idea? I couldn't find any way yet...


I tried checking if collapsed nodes are invisibly(display:none or something) available on the page so that I can play with some javascript to make them visible on checkbox changed of parent node, but found they are not at all rendered on the page :(

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Found the answer!

I was wrong, it does render collapsed nodes with [display:none] and so my problem is solved.

I am now binding client onclick event on treeview and there I am making collapsed nodes visible when there parent node is checked, as per my requirement.


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Can you please share your solution. – ntombela Oct 24 '12 at 22:03

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