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I'm attempting to pass parameters to unittest subclass methods. Please forgive my ignorance - I've only started coding in Python a few days ago. I could obviously just hardcode the parameters in the subclass itself but that would eliminate its reuse with other username/password combos. When I run below, I get the error "TypeError: runTest() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)".

Here is

from selenium import webdriver
import unittest
from testcases import login

def my_suite():

    suite = unittest.TestSuite()
    suite.addTest (login.Login().runTest("username1", "password1", "page title"))
    return suite

if __name__ == '__main__':
    runner = unittest.TextTestRunner()

Here is testcases/

from selenium import webdriver
import unittest

class BaseTestCase (unittest.TestCase):

def setUp(self):
    self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()

    self.base_url = "http://website"

def tearDown(self):

Here is testcases/

import common_page_elements
from basetestcase import BaseTestCase

class Login (BaseTestCase):
    def runTest(username, password, verification):
        """ Test logging in. """
        driver = self.driver

        self.assertTrue(verification in self.driver.title)
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Since runTest has become a class method, you'll have to include the self argument:

class Login (BaseTestCase):
    def runTest(self, username, password, verification):
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