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Edit: My solution at bottom of post.

I have 2 projects that share the same XML/XSD data in eclipse. I've tried many different things to break the data into a separate project and just reference that instead through various methods, with not much luck. My goal is so I can click run in eclipse for each project separately and they both load from the same data.

When the project is finally built, there will be 3 jars (the two projects,+ a lib), which will be in the same directory with the xml and xsd folders. So any file references to the XSD/XMLs are currently in the format like this: File file = new File("xml/pixtilemaps.xml");

This doesn't work in eclipse, but works during export because of the file structure is sound. I tried using virtual folders in each of the projects, but it doesn't look like runtime references to relative files use the virtual folders in the way I was expecting. I've tried adding each as a linked resource, added the project on the build path, etc, but whatever I do, it doesn't seem to treat the xml folder as a relative folder. I get an error like : file:/F:/workspace/com.myoid.editor/xsd/pixtilemaps.xsd does not exist. Because it takes it relative to the project. I've also tried to find a run configuration solution to this, but there is obviously something I'm not understanding to get this to work the way I want.

So in summary, have an xsd folder, xml folder in a 3rd eclipse project, that I want 1 and 2 to be able to access through relative file paths like File file = new File("xml/pixtilemaps.xml");

How I fixed it:

Okay.. so.. maybe there is a better solution but this is what I came up with... In Eclipse under run configurations you can specify the working directory that the launch will run from. So I put all xml/xsd in for both projects in the same "working directory". In the run configuration for each project I point the working directory to the 3rd project, and viola, it works like I had expected.

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Did you try to reference project 3 in project 1 and 2 via project menu -> properties -> java build path -> add project?

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Yep, but the reference to the file object is in project 1/2 using File file = new File("xml/pixtilemaps.xml"); But this file exists in project 3. Adding the project in this way it still can't see the file. – evermore Oct 14 '12 at 20:10
You could try to access the workspace programmatically like they did in this thread: coderanch.com/t/453807/vc/find-Workspace-through-Java-code – s.froehlich Oct 14 '12 at 20:26
This would inject eclipse dependencies into my code which is not what I want since the project is exported with as few of dependencies as possible. – evermore Oct 14 '12 at 20:45

Add third project n the build path of first two projects as project reference.

Use ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream in place of File in first two projects as below:

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This almost works, but the problem is that the XSDs reference other XSDs that it can't find when I load the main XSD this way. If I could just find a way to get eclipse to treat virtual folders/linked resource references as part of the project then I think it would work.. – evermore Oct 14 '12 at 20:43

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