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i have layer with action script code. example of part of the code..

var allMC = new Array();
allMC[0] = allitems_1.item_1;
allMC[1] = allitems_1.item_2;
allMC[2] = allitems_1.item_3;
allMC[3] = allitems_1.item_4;

this code store reference to mc inside an array. everything is working perfect.

but when i convert this layer to mask layer and run the flash it says:

Scene 1, Layer 'background', Frame 1, Line 56 1120: Access of undefined property allitems_1.

*allitems1 is also the name i set for the movie clip instance on the stage.

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You can put your ActionScript on a separate layer from your mask layer. It's generally considered good practice when working on the timeline to have a layer specifically for your ActionScript and labelled as such.

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it dosent help... i did put it on a diffrent layer. i called it background. –  Yan Oct 15 '12 at 13:18
Is the allitems_1 instance on the layer you're converting to a mask? If so, you probably want to put it onto the layer below ie. the layer you're masking. –  net.uk.sweet Oct 15 '12 at 13:38

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