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I would like to build a page that detects whether a user's camera / microphone is working similar to this: http://www.tokbox.com/user-diagnostic/

I just need guidance on where to start.


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Hi,I need to implement just the same as that you wanted,so Could you please help me on how to go about it,I am actually new to action script 3.0/flash.Thanks –  Sumodh Nair Apr 1 at 9:49
@SumodhNair Please see the answer I posted. –  OneSneakyMofo Apr 1 at 21:03
1+ for a hilarious user name –  Brad Sep 17 at 20:30

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This jQuery plugin can give you a list of available webcams the user has:


If webcam.getCameraList().length == 0 then you'll know they don't have a webcam.

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In flash u can use

 var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera(); 
if (cam == null) 
    trace("User has no cameras installed."); 
    trace("User has at least 1 camera installed."); 
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Thank you, @gyandas.kewat. Unfortunately, there is just no simple Has Mic? Yes / No; Has Cam? Yes / No tool so I just created one myself. To extend this, I needed to use ExternalInterface, Camera, and Microphone classes for Actionscript 3 / Flash , and I sent my variables (cam, mic) from the Flash file to Javascript using ExternalInterface class. Hope this helps someone. –  OneSneakyMofo Dec 12 '12 at 22:30
@OneSneakyMofo : Hi,I need to implement just the same as that you wanted,so Could you please help me on how to go about it,I am actually new to action script 3.0/flash.Thanks –  Sumodh Nair Apr 1 at 9:48

Try This.. to get access of webcam

    //initialize camera in browser
            width: 320,
            height: 240,
            mode: "callback",
            swffile: "jscam_canvas_only.swf",
            onTick: function() {},
            onSave: function() {},
            onCapture: function() {},
            debug: function() {},
            onLoad: function() {}

var test;
        test = function(){
            var tester = false;
            //try catch block for tight binding
                //condition if length is 0 or undefined
                if(webcam.getCameraList().length == 0){  
                   alert('You dont have a camera');  
                    alert("cam detected");

                tester = true;
                tester = false;


<div id="camera" style="opacity:0"></div>
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I ended up building my own thing.




I detected the camera number and the microphone number and pass it back to Javascript using ExternalInterface.

Works like a charm.

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It would be really helpful if you could share a sample code on how to proceed,I am confused between the calling being made in between as and js. –  Sumodh Nair Apr 2 at 7:58
Yeah, just simply use this: ExternalInterface.call("sendToJavaScript", input.text); Then in your Javascript have a function called sendToJavascript(text). –  OneSneakyMofo Apr 2 at 15:36
Hey thanks for the feedback,was able to do so with externalInterface.As it turns out the problem was I wasnt running my code with security disabled,hence I wasnt able to call javascript via actionscript. –  Sumodh Nair Apr 4 at 10:48

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