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As part of our product's installation process, a database is attached to the server.

We use EXEC sp_attach_db in order to attach it to MSSQL. The problem occures when we try to attach it with "SQL Authentication" connection string - the database is attached to the server as read-only, thus preventing any write access from being performed

This is driving us nuts... it's working just fine with Windows Authentication, and the only difference is the connection string... I tried googling for it but no mention for such a scenario is found.

Any ideas anyone?

It's important to mention that the MDF/LDF physical files are not set with "ReadOnly" attribute, so this is not the problem.

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I'm curious why you can't attach the database with write permissions and then just make the whole thing read only after the install?

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I don't want the database to be ReadOnly... to the contrary - I want it with write permissions –  Nissim Aug 17 '09 at 15:47

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