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I have two questions:

1- Do i need to have the same UImanagedDocument to enter entities and fetch them, or is it possible to enter and read the data from different objects?

2- Is there any way to confirm that data has been entered to the database? (except for fetching the data)


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1) You really want to spend some time with core data itself - UIManagedDocument is just a thin API wrapper over the core data stack. This is a good book on the subject, definitely worth the cost: Core Data (2nd edition): Data Storage and Management...

2) You can get an app like Base and open the persistentStore file. It will take some deciphering as to how core data stores stuff in the database but you can see it in there.

Again because UIManagedDocument relies so heavily on core data I would recommend spending the time learning it well. Core data has some interesting complexities at times.

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