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I want to create p:tabView with progressbar. Something like p:tabMenu - when tab is pressed the label of the tab is changed to Loading I would like to create something similar but with p:tabView. For example how I can call progressbar like this and sop it when the loading is finished. Is there any possible way?

<p:tabView dynamic="true" cache="false">
    <p:tab id="tab1" title="tab1" >
        <ui:include src="tab1.xhtml" />
    <p:tab id="tab2" title="tab2" >
        <ui:include src="tab2.xhtml" />
    <p:tab id="ta3" title="tab3" >
        <ui:include src="tab3.xhtml" />
    <p:tab id="tab4" title="tab4" >
        <ui:include src="tab4.xhtml" />

One other option that may work will be to disable the tab label during the loading time.

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No need to disable anything yourself. Use primefaces BlockUI to temporarily disable your tab. Simply add the following markup to your page:

  <p:blockUI block="myTabPanel" trigger="tab1,tab2,tab3,tab4" />

where myTabPanel is an id you will assign to your <p:tabPanel/>. See other usages for the blockUi component on the pf showcase

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