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to simplify, I got a database of registered users, I want to count how many emails there are for each email domain name (note I do not know all domain names)

for example, Users table-

id    |    email
1     |
2     |<--unknown to me
3     |<--unknown to me
4     |
5     |<--unknown to me
6     |
7     |
8     |

( note: I want to count each email without specifying which email exactly )

so the result I want is

suffix         |   count    |    3   |    2|    1      |    2

again, I stress this, I do not know nor can i mention it in a statement because it is unknown to me, i hope I am clear.

So essentially I want to make a statistic of what my website users use as an email host website. but like I said and I will repeat the third time, I do not know every mailhost that exists.

I am going to investigate this more, I have a feeling this is something mysql cannot handle.


I came up with the following solution, but seems tiny bit redundant, which I hate :P

select substring_index(`email`,'@',-1),count(*) as count from users group by substring_index(`email`,'@',-1) order by count ASC;
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SELECT   SUBSTRING_INDEX(email, '@', -1) AS suffix, COUNT(*) AS count
FROM     users
GROUP BY suffix

See it on sqlfiddle.

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use RLIKE or REGEXP in mysql

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In this case a regexp is massive overkill, though. – perh Oct 14 '12 at 21:55

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