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I have this function to display image by category :

/*default thumbnails for posts if no thumbnail is set, based on the selected category*/
add_filter('genesis_get_image', 'default_thumb'); 
function default_thumb($output) { 
if(!$output) { 
$default_cat_thumbs = array( 
'now' => 'now.jpg', 
'news' => 'Volleyball-Club_Leipzig.gif'); 
foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) { 
if (array_key_exists($category->slug, $default_cat_thumbs)) { 
$url = 'http://www.mepanorama.com/wp-content/images/'.$default_cat_thumbs[$category->slug]; 
$output = '<img width="120" height="140" src="'.$url.'" class="alignleft" alt="" title="" />'; 
return $output; 

works great to show images in my archive page for category "now" for example. like here


but i want to show image for this category in posts, the problem is that my permalink does not include category , so is there is a way to pull the category name lets say from my breadcrumb?

example post http://www.mepanorama.com/180193/test/

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This may help you or maybe this plugin. –  The Alpha Oct 15 '12 at 0:33
thanks , but I try to avoid plugins as much as I can , for the other function its basically same what I have. –  Sundance Oct 15 '12 at 5:10

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You can test if a post is in a category with in_category:

if (in_category( "now")) :
    // do stuff

You can also use get_the_category() to retrieve all categories for a specific post.

foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) :
    echo '<img src="http://www.mepanorama.com/wp-content/images/' . $category->cat_ID . '.jpg\" />'; 

Hope that helps.

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