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i tryed:

$data = array('ip'=>'','user'=>'robert');

    $key = random_string();
    $o = $this->encrypt->decode($o,$key);

it retunrs strange chars in decoding:

string(44) "CVwMzZGkzagW4wHbUZfNpVWACQp2Fx4TeAO2KLqZs3I=" string(32) "��pz��xJx�jʊ8�Kw��mS�Y �1�_�" 

any suggestion?

is this caused from the array encryption? i need to encrypt value by value instead of encrypt all the array to use the array of encrypted data?? thx

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You are passing an array into $this->encrypt->encode(). The encode() method takes a string. See Encryption Class.

If you had PHP errors enabled you would also see:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning
Message: mcrypt_encrypt() expects parameter 3 to be string, array given
Filename: libraries/Encrypt.php

Turn PHP errors on on your development machine to catch these.

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