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I often find that for an initial design document, I just want to lob in a couple of rough UML / other diagrams.

Most diagramming tools, even Visio, slow me down considerably. I admit that this is probably PEBCAK.

I usually end up drawing a sketch, and then running it through a scanner.

I was wondering who uses a digital notepad, and would they recommend it?

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I am the same way, but i still prefer digital copies of stuff, so when i got my last laptop i got a tablet PC. Amazing to have, its so fast and easy to do quick diagrams and modify them, and then save them to a central project archive.

Even at my desk i still have the tabletpc out as my pen and paper, its not just for on the road.

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I am also more the pen and paper guy, but I recently found textuml and want to give a try as it seems more natural for a developer to do things in text and let the tool do the graphics magic.

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I use whiteboard/notepad + scanr.com.

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