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I am creating an Outlook add-in which is going to open a new window and collect some information before sending it as an email.

To get the Outlook layout I have tried to create a taskpane in the new email dialog which is only visible when the user clicks a custom button in the Explorer window.

Now I want to open a new mail and have a custom ribbon or just a tab when my custom button is clicked. This ribbon/tab should only be visible when the new email is loaded from my code. When the user clicks New Email the default ribbon must be loaded.

My problem is I can’t find a way to programmatically modify the ribbon at runtime. As an alternative simply hiding the whole ribbon could be a solution.

I have searched everywhere and can’t either confirm or deny that it is possible to control the ribbon at runtime. Any help is appreciated.

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You need to implement the IDTExtensibility2 and IRibbonExtensibility interfaces in the same class in your add-in in order to customize the ribbon interface in Outlook.

The IRibbonExtensibility.GetCustomUI method should return the XML that configures the ribbon - see MSDN for a list of the IDs for the different windows in Outlook, each with their separate ribbons. Based on the description in your question, I think the one you need is Microsoft.Outlook.Mail.Compose.

See this Q+A for a sample.

By implementing different callbacks in your code, the custom ribbon could then be designed to only be visible if your conditions are met.

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