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In R I create a raw vector containing a PNG image with the following test code.(format = ARGB (640 x 480))


plot(x,y)  #Test plot
rawdata = writePNG(dev.capture(native=TRUE), raw())
assign("rawpng", rawdata, envir = .GlobalEnv)

The resulting vector looks like this:c(89, 50, 4e, 47, 0d, 0a, 1a, 0a, 00, 00, 00, 0d, 49, 48, 44, 52, 00, 00, 02, 80, 00, 00, 01, e0, 08, 06, 00, 00, 00, 35, d1, dc, e4, 00, 00, 20, 00, 49, 44, 41, 54, 78, 9c, ec, dd, 77, af, 5d, ee, cf, 75, 71, 41, d6, 90, 99, e7, ec, b3, 66, 9f, b5, d7, 7a, d6, b3, c0, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc, cc,.................................. b3, b0, fc, 1f, fe, 86, bd, ef, 71, 27, 9e, 88, 00, 00, 00, 00, 49, 45, 4e, 44, ae, 42, 60, 82)

Now i want to show the image in a Python canvas using the raw vector, but i can't seem to get it right. Using Rpy2 and Pil, I somehow managed to generate an image, but it's completly messed up.

rawdataVec = rpy2.robjects.globalenv['rawpng']
rawdataArray = numpy.asarray(rawdataVec)
newshape = (640,480,4)
newstrides = (rawdataArray.itemsize, rawdataArray.itemsize,rawdataArray.itemsize)
data = numpy.lib.stride_tricks.as_strided(rawdataArray, shape=newshape, strides=newstrides)
img = Image.fromstring('RGBA', (640,480), data.tostring(),'raw','RGBA',0,1)
photo = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image=img)

I know that saving the plot as an image file and reloading it in Python would be much easier, but I need it without saving the file first. Is it even possible?

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Could you write the image to a StringIO buffer (which essentially writes an image to a "file" in memory) and then read it in from that buffer?

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Thanks, img = Image.open(StringIO.StringIO(rawdataArray.tostring())) worked. –  R.Schlesser Oct 15 '12 at 8:12
Please accept the answer if this worked for you by clicking the green check on the left. Thanks! –  Will Brown Oct 15 '12 at 23:40

You're currently decoding using the raw decoder. Try PNG instead:

img = Image.fromstring('RGBA', (640, 480), data.tostring(), 'PNG')
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