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I am working on setting up database storage for a game project I am working on for school, and am at the very beginning of doing so. I am using MongoDB at the suggestion of our sponsor. I have successfully implemented inserting a list of names with individual indices, but I cannot get it to return them. The code I am using is as follows.

public string getName(int id) {
        var query = Query.EQ("_index", id);
        if (Names.FindOne(query) != null) return (Names.FindOne(query)).FirstName;
        else return "Error";

I have now determined the problem is that the objects aren't being saved. My code for doing so is

public void storeName(string name, int number) {
        Name Insert = new Name{FirstName = name, index = number};
        var query = Query.EQ("_FirstName", name);
        if (Names.FindOne(query) == null) { Names.Save<Name>(Insert); Console.WriteLine(Insert.index+" "+Insert.FirstName); }
        else {Console.WriteLine("Bork"); }

And the Name object is automapped.

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I solved my problem. The index and FirstName fields needed to not have the underscores.

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